The Ozarkiana Collection - 1888 White River Maps


Lyons Memorial Library at the College of the Ozarks houses a unique archive of materials known as the Ozarkiana Collection. Established in 1968, the purpose of the collection is to preserve materials and facilitate research on the history and culture of the Ozarks. The collection contains a variety of materials. Of special interest are photos taken by Vance Randolph and Townsend Godsey, letters written by Rose O’Neill, and radio broadcasts from May Kennedy McCord. Taney and Stone county newspapers dating back to the 19th century are available on microfilm and/or in print. Documents related to the history of College of the Ozarks are also preserved.   A portion of the materials have been digitized, and made accessible on this website for researchers and students, through a cooperative agreement between the College of the Ozarks and the Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters.

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The majority of the documents, especially photographic items, are provided here, watermarked and at a reduced resolution.  If you are interested in viewing the original document, please contact the Lyons Memorial Library.

The Ozarkiana Collection is open to all users during the library’s normal operating hours. No appointment is necessary but those with specific research questions are encouraged to contact a librarian at 417-690-3411. Inquiries can also be sent to Gwen Simmons at

Ozarkiana Collection - 1888 White River Maps

The Ozarkiana Collection contains a portion of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Maps of the White River in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks, from Forsyth, Missouri to Batesville, Arkansas. Scale one inch to 2400 feet. "Made under the direction of H.S. Taber, Captain, U.S. Corps of Engineers. by Jas. C. Long and Chas. E. Raft, Asst. Engineers. Reduction made by Pantagraph by A.E. Beadle."