Our Mission

To secure its proper recognition


  • To organize the collaboration of a variety of individuals and personalities with the common goal of Ozarks preservation and conservation.
  • To promote the existence of the Hillcrofters and encourage participation and education.

 - Photo courtesy of Josh Heston, State of the Ozarks

To protect Ozarks wildlife


  • To promote the existing wildlife and fisheries conservation efforts currently in place.
  • To educate the importance of the Ozarks fauna and unique biodiversity of the region

 - Photo courtesy of Josh Heston, State of the Ozarks

To preserve the natural beauties of its historic spots


  • To educate and instill the fact that the Ozarks region is very much a limited resource in itself.
  • To support existing land conservation and protection entities.
  • To identify and protect historically, culturally, and environmentally sensitive lands.

To perpetuate its history, folklore and traditions


  • To educate and cultivate an interest in the unique Ozarks history of people, places and events.
  • To serve as a common hub for historical, genealogical, and cultural entities and promote their individual efforts.
  • To collect, organize and archive the vast Ozarks historical and cultural materials.
  • To make Ozarks historical, genealogical, and cultural information easily accessible for research and education. 

To teach our own people the value of the great heritage we possess in these regions


  • To use all the elements of the Hillcrofters interests to educate and create interest, appreciation and respect for the Ozarks region.